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    This is a tutorial to learn the basics of PSP5. This will give you the knowledge so that you can make your own avatars for Virtual Places. These tutorials will also prepare you so that you will be able to make your own website that is nice looking and informative while also being entertaining.

     These are the areas we will be covering!

  1. Getting to know the tools of PSP

  2. The Tool Buttons

  3. The Button Controls

  4. The Blank Image

  5. Color Control

  6. Filters         Eyecandy

  7. Making titles and special wording

  8. Bordered Text

  9. ColoredText          Colored Text 2

  10. Making your own backgrounds

  11. Adjusting and sizing pictures for web pages

  12. Making your own Avatars

  13. The Layer Avatar

  14. Whats Layers?

  15. Picture Layer Page

  16. Paint Shop Pro Links page.

  17. Handy Shortcut Guide          You can print this guide out.

            Do you have any tips for PSP5 ? let me put them here for others PSP Tips & Tricks


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